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About Alex

His first successful song is “Mayfly” which is in the soundtrack of the movie “Big Bad Wolf” (2006). This is followed by a bunch of other lucky shots. His songs “Soul Dance”, “Conquest“, “Journey“, “Wild Forest“, “The Pulse” etc., are used in serials and tv shows like “Entertainers“, “Kickit in“, “Pets TV“, “American Athlete“, “Cars TV” and much more.

After moving from New York to Austin in the mid-20s, Alex was inspired by some southern singers and bands like The Black Crowes, Kenny Wayne Shepperd, Black Berry Smoke etc. which can be felt in some songs in his last album “To You” .

His musical style is somewhere between Alternative, Indie and Southern rock, with some Progressive taste – especially in the instrumentals

Alex plays drums and the piano. He is married with three children